Everything is a little off

We are inviting entries for our new project, "Everything's a little off".  It aims at documenting the shared human condition that the global pandemic has created. While we are all doing the best we can to come to terms with these strange times, there are always those subtle signs around us suggesting that something's not quite the way it used to be. It could be just a change in one's body, gaining or losing weight, change in one's appearance due to grief or stress or how one's favorite spaces like cafes or parks are no longer the same. 

We are inviting photographs alongwith brief word descriptions, just a few sentences about the picture, which show these subtle changes in our everyday lives, intimacy and our relationship with ourselves.

Please send us the entries with your name, age and location. We'll share them on our website.

We hope to turn this collection into a book, eventually. Sharing of experiences with others can make us and others feel less lonely and isolated during these strange times.

You can mail us your entries at: [email protected]

Or DM us on Instagram

Or WhatsApp at 9718377939.


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